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Otter Switch Wiring

Posted by on Nov 10, 2019

  • srh33576 - leftover wires

    Australian RR Forums: Wiring for anti-dieseling & weakener solenoids Otter Switch Wiring

  • bimetals

    Otter Controls LTD Otter Switch Wiring

  • post-12009-0-71833400-1495698967_thumb jpg

    Kenlowe fan wiring - General TR Technical - TR Register Forum Otter Switch Wiring

  • srh33576 - air intake switch

    Australian RR Forums: Wiring for anti-dieseling & weakener solenoids Otter Switch Wiring

  • for those looking fo r an even earlier

    bypass Otter Switch Wiring

  • adjustable fan controller thermostat

    Adjustable Fan Controller Thermostat - Car Builder Solutions Otter Switch Wiring

  • relay function and location #2

    Relay function and location #2 - E-Type - Jag-lovers Forums Otter Switch Wiring

  • which fits under the machine screw securing the fan relay to its  bracket  assuming you have original wiring, it's unlikely to have been  knocked off:

    Earthing points for cooling fans - The 'E' Type Forum Otter Switch Wiring

  • from schematics, its shows otter switching to ground at a particular header  tank temp  then why would the blk/red wire attach to the center otter switch ?

    66 Etype Otter Switch wiring question - E-Type - Jag-lovers Forums Otter Switch Wiring

  • two stage fan cooling

    Two stage fan cooling - Page 1 - Chimaera - PistonHeads Otter Switch Wiring

  • first thing to do is jack the esprit up and get the front right wheel off  to gain access to the otter switch  remember to use an axel stand for  safety

    Esprit OTTER Switch Otter Switch Wiring

  • 340 auto choke-s-type-asc-connectors jpg

    340 auto choke - Jaguar Forums - Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum Otter Switch Wiring

  • so with trepidation i fired up the motor and let it warm up  using an  infra-red thermometer i monitored the temperature of the switch pipe   whoppeee!!

    Lotus Excel Restoration: Swapping the otter switch Otter Switch Wiring

  • now go back to the radiator, attach two female connectors to the wires  (easy to do) and plug them in to the extra male connectors you put in

    bypass Otter Switch Wiring

  • img_3045  img_3045 jpg1200×794 143 kb

    Just bought a beaut and she won't idle - XK - Jag-lovers Forums Otter Switch Wiring

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